Stephanie (Aged 16)


This statement was prepared and presented by Stephanie Born, local teenager and schoolgirl at the Mornington Peninsula Peace Vigil, October 2001.

Peace. It seems so easy to say, but really, what is peace in this world? To most of us younger generation, it seems like a bit of a dream, which is okay, because dreams can become true if you really want them to. But before we look at achieving world peace, we need to see where the problem is.

Talking amongst some of my peers, they have come to the conclusion that a lot of the corruption in this world is caused by different people’s beliefs and religions. Everyone’s a racist in a small kinda way, even if you think you’re not, it’s human nature not to like some people. The thing that is not okay, is people can’t keep their thoughts to themselves, which starts great conflict. This, through our eyes, normally leads to some sort of war.

If we want peace, why is America fighting back and bombing the Taliban? They might think that it is not affecting the civilians of Afghanistan, but the Afghans don’t see the Americans giving them food and shelter, they just see their loved ones dying and bombs coming out of the sky.

If world peace is to become achievable, they should stop fighting back. That’s all it takes – just for one person to say that its not achieving world peace by doing this. We aren’t winning this war against terrorism – let us be the better people and say “Stop”.

I believe it’s okay to defend yourself to an extent, but you don’t go punch someone in the face because you don’t like them. If we want to work towards peace, we have to make that dream start to look like reality, and start with ourselves. Change our lives to a more peaceful one, for maybe our mission in life was to find the prosperity in our life, to come to peace within ourselves.

We don’t need a fancy date or the millennium to start being a better person -we should start now.

Thank you.