Reverend Tim Gibson


This statement was written by Reverend Tim Gibson of St Peter’s Anglican Church, Mornington for the Mornington Peninsula Peace Vigil, October 2001.

As we hope and pray for swords to be beaten into ploughsheds, for justice to roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream, may we not abstain from positive peacemaking now.

May we never turn a blind eye to injustice, may we not fail to learn from history the difference between peacemaking and appeasement, and may we work to remove fear and ignorance. May we take the time seriously to examine the forces of peace and war, and may we in all things respect and seek to understand those in the cause of peace and justice who differ from us.



Of all the religious leaders contacted, of every denomination, Reverend Tim Gibson was the only one to respond to the Vigil organizers’ request for a contribution.  After his time at St Peter’s Church Mornington, Reverend Gibson moved to St John The Divine in Croydon and has shown his support for numerous social justice causes, most recently by signing the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne’s Declaration Against Violence Towards Women and listing St John The Divine in Croydon as a Welcoming Parish – a church who welcome and accept GLBT people into their congregation with the guarantee of no judgement or censure.