PRESS ARTICLE: Walking the pathways of peace

article-25-10-01-frontWalking the Pathways of Peace
By Keith Platt
Mornington Mail, Thursday, October 25, 2001
[photo caption: “Rondon D’Antoine” Picture by Keith Platt]

THE dove of peace seemed the most appropriate starting point for Rondon D’Antoine to begin his artwork to symbolise next Saturday’s peace vigil at Seawinds State Park, Arthurs Seat.

The dove sits at the centre of the circular work, the “camp of peace”, with pathways labeled diversity, tolerance. forgiveness, acceptance, harmony, love and freedom radiating outwards.

“Whichever path anyone takes will lead to peace and reconciliation,” Rondon said as he added traditional Aboriginal dots to the painting outside his Mornington studio.

The footprints symbolise that “peace is an ongoing process and the paths need to be continuously followed.”

The “Walking the Pathways to Peace” vigil begins at 5pm this Saturday and will involve the reading of messages.

One of the organisers, Sally McLean, said the vigil “recognises that members of Australia’s armed forces are currently on tours of duty, not only in Afghanistan, but also in other trouble spots around the globe”.

article-25-10-01“We want to be very clear that this vigil in no way dishonors the sacrifices these dedicated men and women make for our country, nor the memory of those who have gone before them.

“We acknowledge that war is a part of life, but what we are advocating is the possibility of a world, hopefully in the not too distant future, where war is no longer necessary.”

American-born William Kelly, a former dean of the Victorian College of the Arts and recipient of the Australian Violence Prevention Award from the Prime Minister, will be among the speakers at the peace vigil.

A recognised “peace and non-violence ambassador” Mr Kelly will read a message from Dr Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, and co- founder of the MK Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence.

Dr Gandhi says nonviolence is about personal attitudes, “about becoming the change we wish to see in the world”.

“Peace has never been more important than now. All of us, wherever we are in the world, need to work toward achieving peace through non violence.”

Many members of the public as well as those with a “high profile” have also sent contributions in the religious sector, the arts, sport and politics.

“The response has been wonderful,” Ms McLean said.

The peace vigil starts at Seawinds Gardens, Arthurs Seat at 5.30pm.

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