Malcolm Fraser


This statement was prepared by the Right Honorable Malcolm Fraser, Chairman of CARE Australia, Vice-President of CARE International, Chairman of the InterAction Council for Former Heads of Government and the 22nd Australian Prime Minister – Mornington Peninsula Peace Vigil, October 2001.

The tragic events in the United States have led to a war on terror – without a clear end. While terrorists must be condemned in the strongest terms, and nothing can ever justify what happened in New York and Washington, that should not blind us to the fact that there are many causes of conflict in this world.

There are 50 countries so poor that their children will be left even further behind as this modern globalised world proceeds a pace. We have to develop more effective means in allowing the poor and the disadvantaged, wherever they may be, to participate more effectively in this world.

The problems in the Middle East remains a source of potential serious conflict. People are killed daily on both sides. It is time that major states exerted significant effort to make sure that long standing injustices are properly redressed.

If we want peace we must work for it. That involves seeking out the source and causes of discord, division and conflict and seeking just remedies. Whatever happens in the war against terror must not be allowed to blind us to these necessities.



The Right Honorable Malcolm Fraser is the current Chairman of CARE Australia, Vice-President of CARE International and Chairman of the InterAction Council for Former Heads of Government, was a former Fellow of the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University, Doctor of Law and Member of the Byrnes International Advisory Board at University of South Carolina, Doctor of Letters at Deakin University, among others, holds the honours of the Companion of Honour and the Companion of the Order of Australia and is the second longest serving Australian Prime Minister.