Christine Nagorcka


This statement was prepared and presented by Vigil co-Organizer, Christine Nagorcka at the Mornington Peninsula Peace Vigil, October 2001.

I’ve just got a few thoughts on peace. They’re pretty simple, I think. I really think that peace is individual, so perhaps we do not think sometimes there is a place for peace. However, if we look deeper, we know that there is really peace. I believe that if we’re able to look peaceably, if we look spiritually at ourselves and very intimately at the world around us, we can see peace.

Peace in nature is a grand show and I’d just like to share a short quote with you from John Mueller.

It is always sunrise somewhere
The dew is never dried at once
A shower is forever falling
Vapour is ever rising
Eternal sunrise
Eternal sunset
Eternal dawn
And gloaming
On the sea of the continents and the islands
Each in its turn
As the earth rolls round
When we are at peace with ourselves
We are at peace with the rythmn of the world
Which is at peace with itself
I wish you all this meaningful peace.



Christine Nagorcka trained as a teacher, graduating with a B.Ed. from Melbourne University in Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies.  She has also worked as a park ranger with Tasmania Parks and Wildlife, a youth worker with the Department of Human Services and as project manager with ‘Making Places’; a project that brought both school and minority community groups together to form sustainable planning policy and a cultural ‘art trial’ in and around Hastings.  Christine now works in the area of Work Education with young adults.