About The Logo


The logo we are using for this site, which was originally created for the inaugural Mornington Peninsula Peace Vigil 2001, was especially created by Indigenous Artist, Rondon D’Antoine.

The layout of the image signifies paths leading to the camp of peace.

The words on each path – “Diversity”, “Tolerance”, “Forgiveness”, “Acceptance”, “Harmony”, “Love” and “Freedom” – signify that walking these paths leads to the camp of peace and reconciliation – signified by the circle in the center with the stylised universal peace image of a white dove.

The footprints symbolise the ongoing process of peace and how we all have to continuously take these paths – through the generations – to make peace a reality.

We are very grateful to Rondon for creating this poignant and beautiful image, and thank him for his immediate and valued support.


Rondon D’Antoine has been involved in art since school. In the last four years, he has begun to focus on his Indigenous heritage in the arts arena.

Rondon has participated in many art exhibitions, mainly on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, and has been involved in organising numerous community events and initiatives, including the Peninsula Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Community Gallery – the first Aboriginal art gallery on the Mornington Peninsula.